Alex Kennett

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Alex Kennett

About me:

I have known Helen for nearly 20 years and she has been instrumental in bringing me back to myself, back to living from love and not fear, taking me out of the darkness and helping me look at my purpose in life. It’s been quite a journey!

I have worked for a large fast moving American IT company for a number of years and two years ago relished the chance of attending Helen’s first Alchemic Healing Arts Academy course over a period of 18 months.

Helen was an amazing tutor and her knowledge, intuition and experience is outstanding – we covered so much during the course and I was not the only one to feel a sense of loss at the end because we all wanted to keep soaking up that knowledge and wisdom. I constantly refer to the course notes which have continued to help me in the next stage of my continuing growth.

Area of Expertise:

I am currently in Year Two studying at the College of Cranial-Sacral Therapy and everything I learnt during Helen’s course has helped me immensely and it is all just slotting into place. Her course gave me an amazing foundation and has been pivotal in my progression to train as a therapist. I have no doubt that Helen’s tutoring will make me a more rounded therapist giving me many skills in my toolbox.

Forever grateful!