As soon as I finished this 4 year training I decided to study homeopathy which was another 4 year part time training. I studied again in London at the College of Homeopathy. Immediately after this I studied for a further 2 years part time with the Guild of Homeopaths and feel very blessed to have had this experience. This was a very special course which sadly only ran for a total of 4 years but in which I really learnt about the Endocrine system – the part of the body which is most damaged by stress and trauma.

Through years and years of treating people I have come to realise that this is the part of the human system which most misunderstood and neglected. Imbalance in this system underlies much ill-health especially conditions that are medically incurable like M.E., auto-immune diseases, infertility, obesity etc. The Endocrine system governs all our hormones. The Guild of Homeopaths also developed lots of new homeopathic remedies which have come to be some of the most useful and extraordinary medicines I use.

As luck would have it, and I feel very ‘lucky’ in the education I have had, I then met a brilliant, well-practised and wise Indian homeopathic doctor – Dr. Ramakrishnan. He is the Honorary Homeopathic Physician to the President of India and comes from a family of homeopathy. He asked me to run a London practise for him and run his 2 year post graduate course in London. This was absolutely amazing knowledge and finally, after 8 years of homeopathic training, I finally felt as if I really knew what I was doing.

So then I have gone on to teach homeopathy at The Lakeland College of Homeopathy and at The Centre of Homeopathic Education. I am also running my own post graduate course.

Finally for people who need or want extra and deeper insights into their body / mind/ spirit, I run retreats where through teachings, yoga and meditation I take you on a journey of self knowledge and healing.

I love my work . Although I love to teach and am very experienced, I always consider myself a student as well. We are all different and there is something to learn from everyone.