Chakra Remedies

Chakra Remedies:

My 7 days of teaching the remedies that are most commonly used to balance and heal the chakras/endocrine glands and associated traumas


Also starting in 2019, I will be doing a monthly day on the new remedies associated best with each Chakra. Each of these days we will be revising the key points of the chakras in relation to the endocrine system and the cabalistic tree of life. We will be looking in more depth at the specific traumas that damage these chakras/endocrine glands, combining that with the way we can treat using some of these less well known, but immensely powerful new remedies.Some of the remedies we will be covering are: 

1. Oak 

2. Holly 

3. Moonstone 

4. Tigers Eye 

5. White Chestnut 

6. Red Chestnut 

7. Sycamore seed   

8. Black Obsidian   

9. Frankincense     

10. Apple tree  

 The druids believed in the healing properties of the trees so we will be covering many of the trees of our climate, and I profoundly believe in the healing properties of crystals which is enhanced hugely when they are transformed into homeopathic remedies 

 We will, on each day, be doing a meditative proving of one of the key remedies for each chakra. To my mind, this is the very best way to learn and remember the remedy as well as become more intimate with the issues of the centre it heals. The whole process will also be healing and give you plenty of personal insights.  To register, please complete the form here.

 The cost is £90 per day or £600 if paid in advance.

 Session 1 – Base Chakra

Session 2 – Sacral Chakra

Session 3 – Solar Plexus Chakra

Session 4 – Heart and Thymus Chakra

Session 5 – Throat Chakra

Session 6 – Brow Chakra

Session 7 – Crown Chakra


The venue for the courses is The Healing Space, St John’s Convent, Linden Hill Lane, Kiln Green, RG10 9XP which is on A4 nr Maidenhead, junction 8/9 M4. It is about 30 minute drive from West London .

If you are interested or have any questions please contact Helen Johnson on