Part 1- AHAA with Helen Johnson

PART 1 – Alchemic Healing Arts Academy (AHAA) with
Helen Johnson

Next course will start in 2021


Course Aim:


– to develop practitioners* to have an integrated approach to treatment.

– to develop practitioners* to be truly confident and comfortable to trust themselves both in knowledge and their intuition.


We will combine learning through the intellect and listening with our hearts, hands, eyes, ears and extra senses to enable us to truly understand our patients and the cause of their illness and imbalance. The course seeks to deeply encourage you to develop your intuition and trust it. We embrace all aspects of health – physical/emotional/spiritual. …we also have LIVE CASES!!!

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Course Content:

In the course we go through each system of the body with an integrated approach, looking at:

Naturopathy - Helen Johnson1.​  Nutritional approach

Food as medicine, helpful dietary advice tailored to individual conditions/people, nutritional deficiency, intolerances and allergies.


floral-medicine-1738214_19202.​  Naturopathic approach

Lifestyle, simple herbal medicines, breathing, posture, exercises, psychological aspect of disease. Linking disease to the mental emotional state.

globuli-1574436_19203.​  Homeopathic approach

Blending classical remedies and new remedies, Dr Ramakrishnan’s tips, also using flower and gem essences.


unknown-1769656_12804.​  The principles of osteopathy and cranial osteopathy

We will be learning to listen through touch not only to detect structural imbalance but organ weakness, energetic blockages, emotions, traumas etc.


nature-dead-1180189_12805.​  The importance of trauma

How to detect the traumas and heal them.




6.​  Medical approach,

Commonly used drugs, medical tests, anatomy, physiology and differential diagnosis, medical terminology.


the-five-elements copy7.​  Chinese 5 element system




feng-shui-1960783_19208.  Spiritual approach

Looking at illness from the esoteric aspect by understanding the Chakras, Kabbalah and the endocrine system. Learning methods of meditation/healing.


The next course dates are tbc:


Session 1

1. Introduction and overview of Osteopathic, Naturopathic, Cranial, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kaballah, Herbal Medicine

Session 2

2. Homeopathic Essentials Constitutional and miasmatic remedies

Session 3

3. Skin, Adrenals, Base Chakra

Session 4

4. Muscular skeletal system, spine, limbs and joints

Session 5

5. Introductory day on listening with your hands and simple cranial techniques

Session 6

6. Generative organs in men and women, menopause, puberty and hormonal issues – Sacral Chakra

Session 7

7. Kidney, bladder and urinary tract

Session 8

8. Bowels

Session 9

9. Liver, gall bladder – Solar Plexus Chakra

Session 10

10. Spleen, pancreas, stomach, diabetes and diets

Session 11

11. Heart and cardio vascular system – Heart Chakra

Session 12

12. Lungs and respiration

Session 13

13. Thymus and autoimmune diseases

Session 14

14. ENT, thyroid – Throat Chakra

Session 15

15. Pituitary – Brow Chakra

Session 16

16. Eyes, brain, head, balance

Session 17

17. Hypothalamus, pineal gland – Crown Chakra

Session 18

18. Neurological diseases, treating the elderly

Session 19

19. Pregnancy and childbirth, childhood diseases

Session 20

20. Supporting cancer patients

Session 21

21. Learning difficulties, Autism, Aspergers

Course Fee:

Full 21 sessions

£1890   (£90 per day)

Payment method:

Monthly direct debit or 2 instalments of £900.  If you commit to the whole course, you can always make up missed dates over the following two years.


People do not need to commit to the whole course and are welcome to attend on an ad-hoc basis. The cost per day is £105.  If you miss any, you are able to fill the gaps in the following course



Enthusiasm to learn & a desire to help others from your heart.


The venue for the course is The Healing Space, St John’s Convent, Linden Hill Lane, Kiln Green, RG10 9XP which is on A4 nr Maidenhead, junction 8/9 M4. It is about 30 minute drive from West London .

If you are interested or have any questions please contact Helen Johnson on