David England

David England

– Series of 7 sessions with David England, psychotherapist, Shaman and Storyteller. An incredible genius.

Shamanic soul retrieval is one of the most powerful ways to heal trauma. David is a great Elder and has been a practising psychotherapist using shamanic technique for many years.  He is a professional story teller and has published several books. He is a genius and Helen highly recommends 7 days of his wisdom.

Shamanic Thought and Practice and its Application

This 7 session programme is an opportunity for reflection on shamanic thought and practice and how you might employ the ancient wisdom of shamanism to enhance your own professional practice.

The programme is designed to be interactive and experiential in its presentation of shamanic thought and practice. There will be plenty of time to discuss your relationship with the material presented and to reflect on how you and your practice, and that of other participants, might benefit from it.

An essential element of the programme is shamanic ceremony. Each session of the programme is framed by our participation in shamanic ceremony.

Shamanic thought is based on the many aspects of the ‘Medicine Wheel’, the wheel of health and wholeness. Applications of the Medicine Wheel to be presented and worked with include:

1. A map of the differing elements of the human personality—body, feelings, mind, spirit, and life force — and the differing ways these elements make optimum use of energy when in balance. Hence, the map forms the basis for therapeutic work when a client’s use of energy is out of balance.

2. A map of the human life cycle through its various stages. Hence, the map forms the basis for therapeutic work when clients are facing existential or spiritual crises at different stages of life.

3. A map of the spiritual spiral of life, the process of change at each stage, and the therapeutic context of change.

Shamanic practice is based first on the ‘shamanic journey ceremony’, whereby a person journeys into their inner world of imagination in a kind of trance, a relaxed state of awareness. The journey is of a prearranged length of time and commences with a clear intention of seeking insight into some aspect of their past history, present experience or behaviour, or some current issue, or of the meaning and purpose of their life, in order to bring about change. The programme includes the opportunity for all participants to make one or more shamanic journeys.

The programme includes the ceremony of ‘soul retrieval’. In shamanism, when a person suffers loss of vitality, through illness or emotional distress, this is called ‘soul loss’. A soul retrieval is a shamanic journey with the intention of retrieving and restoring this lost soul energy.

Sessions run from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at the Healing Centre, St John’s Convent, Kiln Green near Maidenhead. Attendees can pay as you go, but must let Helen know they plan to attend. Dates are tbc but please get in touch to register your interest.

– Cost is £40 per session
– The course is limited to 20 people.

The venue for the courses is The Healing Space, St John’s Convent, Linden Hill Lane, Kiln Green, RG10 9XP which is on A4 nr Maidenhead, junction 8/9 M4. It is about 30 minute drive from West London .

If you are interested or have any questions please contact Helen Johnson on helen@helenjohnson.org