Part 2 – Advanced Healing Arts

Advanced Healing Arts – Additional Courses


Herbalism for Homeopaths

Helen Johnson is very excited about this new, one day course called Herbalism for Homeopaths, run by Emma Dalton, which is an introduction to 50 of the most widely used and common herbs like tumeric, echinacea, milk thistle, liquorice, valerian, St John’s Wart, medicinal mushrooms, fever few, ginseng, devil’s claw etc.

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Listening with your hands

6 days of learning to listen with your heart and hands to the body. The time involves learning to listen to the cranial rhythm, the diaphragms in the body, cranial bone movement, the coccyx, the sacrum, the occiput, and spinal alignment, fascial release, connecting to organs and releasing them. Combining feeling and using specific homeopathic remedies.

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Introduction to the KABBALAH

Introduction to the KABBALAH is a way of helping people to realise where they are stuck/why they are unwell. We will also look at how the tarot cards relate and how we can use tarot cards as an insight into ill health, and we ‘live’ the tree of life so we really deeply understand the teachings.

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Developing Intuitions, Meditative Provings and Working with Crystals

Learning how to conduct these as well as doing a crystal, a plant and a remedy.
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Chakra Remedies: my 7 days of teaching the remedies that are most commonly used to balance and heal the chakras/endocrine glands and associated traumas

I will be doing a monthly day on the new remedies associated best with each Chakra. Each of these days we will be revising the key points of the chakras in relation to the endocrine system and the cabalistic tree of life. We will be looking in more depth at the specific traumas that damage these chakras/endocrine glands, combining that with the way we can treat using some of these less well known, but immensely powerful new remedies.
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I have lots of other ideas and contacts of very interesting speakers.

Please let me know if you are interested in:
a) More homeopathic teachings
b) Ayurvedic medicine
c) More Chinese teachings with an acupuncturist/psychotherapist


The venue for the courses is The Healing Space, St John’s Convent, Linden Hill Lane, Kiln Green, RG10 9XP which is on A4 nr Maidenhead, junction 8/9 M4. It is about 30 minute drive from West London .

If you are interested or have any questions please contact Helen Johnson on