aerial-view-241305_1920Gozo is a very magical, unspoilt island next Malta. it is free from crime and all the hassle of our society. There is a 7000 year old temple very close where we stay, believed be dedicated to the goddess.

The Air Malta flights leave Heathrow at 10.50am each morning, and we will return the following week landing around 7.30pm. The journey is civilised and gentle. The week is heavenly.

The maximum group number is 15, and we stay in 2 adjacent, very nice farmhouses which are well equipped, and have swimming pools. see www.bestofgozo.com.

The weather should be lovely. There is time to sunbathe and sightsee too.

Helen Johnson - Holistic Health PractitionerThrough these 7 days we journey in meditation, with teachings and yoga, through the 7 chakras which are energy centres in the body, each one linked to an endocrine gland.. and so our hormones/metabolism/blood sugars/appetite etc

Each chakra is said take 7 years develop, starting from the base which develops between 0-7, and so on…

IMG_1178Chakras hold the memories and traumas of our lives (lifetimes) and as we journey rough them in meditation we piece ourselves together in a profound way.  The healing journey also gives us great insight into ourselves, and helps us develop self awareness, confidence, compassion and inner peace, we learn who we are and how to express this. We will come to understand any health issues we have, as well as understanding ourselves emotionally. We learn to honour and accept ourselves, and others. It is very exciting and life changing.

You must enter into the process with a willingness to surrender to it and with an open heart. You will be totally supported  and looked after.

If we look at all the world religions each one suggests that there is a 7 step programme to human development.

My next availability for a week retreat in Gozo is:

21 – 28 Sept 2019
27 June – 4 July 2020
TBC Oct 2020

If you would like to put your name down, please complete the form here.

The cost of £1150 for the week includes everything – except flights. All food, course, yoga, transfers, accommodation etc (prices are correct as at 2018 but may differ depending on costs and exchange rates).

We reserve the right to increase prices accordingly depending on exchange rates etc.

3-day retreats are priced and available on request. Please contact me.

If you want come please let me know asap … I get booked up very quickly..


“This can be a truly life changing experience, if you’re prepared to work for it! People attend for a variety of reasons & are all probably equally daunted at having to share their experience with strangers. The strangers don’t stay strangers for long & each group develops a nurturing, non judgmental  respect for each other. Helen is a gem. She understands & empathises throughout the whole process. Her knowledge, insight & kindness are invaluable.” Paula


“I am lost for words to describe just how life changing these retreats can be…So I write directly from my heart. Each time I have attended this retreat, something new unfolds, shifts and releases. For me, this has been the most profound healing I have ever experienced. During these unique retreats, Helen safely guides us as we journey together deep into our Chakra system using so many methods including deep meditation, yoga, homeopathy, healing and much much more. The retreats take place on Gozo (the magical Island of the Goddess) in a beautiful farmhouse, with a sparkling pool and all the mod cons. There will be island adventures to beautiful beaches, ancient knowing temples and incredible natural places of worship. You will be supported, loved and nourished in every way. In my experience, you will make great and lifelong friends and laugh so much until your tummy muscles ache. MAGIC…” Jenny from Root and Flower


“Before I went on my first Gozo retreat with Helen Johnson I had heard from friends that it was a profoundly insightful and healing week. Looking back, nothing prepares you, because it’s not about who you meet there or how it’s done – it’s about finding the truth of You. How far You are prepared to let go, open your heart, prize off your ego and go deep within. Helen gives you key, lays the path, walks alongside you, but You are the one on your journey to Self; beyond all your perceived layers; passed skin-deep, passed personality, passed heart-break, passed trauma. This doesn’t mean it’s easy. You can choose to clamp the lid back on or you can choose to trust that what comes up, comes up for healing in this week that is just for you. With every step you come closer to your soul, and your soul’s voice. And if you don’t think you have a soul, you’ll find it with Helen in Gozo.” Deborah Lewis

“I went to Gozo last year as I was suffering from poor health and really needed a week to focus on me, in particular the health of my body and mind. I wanted to really get to the root of my illness and issues. I am really not sure what I was expecting but oh my it was utterly out of this world and really blew my mind. I have never cried and laughed so much in my entire life and it was a complete life changer for me. I feel so fortunate that I have been part of a Gozo experience with some absolute treasured memories and new friends and I really hope to be able to return again one day.” Charlotte Edwards