Homeopathy is greatly misunderstood and has had huge negative publicity. I believe it is the most powerful and balancing form of medicine available to mankind at this time in our history.

It is still the second most popular form of medicine in the UK, obviously second to orthodox. Personally I work very much WITH orthodox treatments and believe that public health would be greatly improved if holistic and conventional medicine joined forces.

Homeopathy is about finding the right medicine for the person. ‘Homeo’ means ‘the same as’. This means that it cannot be proved with scientific research in the same way as orthodox medicine, because we treat each person individually. In other words I may see 10 cases of hay fever in a week and give each person completely different medicines, because I choose the right remedy based on each person’s individual symptoms.

At a glance you may think all hay fever symptoms are the same, but some are worse at night, others sneeze, others get more of a runny nose, some cough or become asthmatic, some develop itchy eyes, ears or throats etc.. So we base our prescriptions on subtle differences.

Homeopathy is a real art that takes a long time to perfect, because there are so many remedies and the homeopath has to become a clever detective in asking the right questions to find the correct remedy.

Having practiced for over 20 years and having had exceptional teachers I now feel well equipped. Homeopathic remedies are dilutions of either plants, minerals, animal tissues and sometimes disease tissues. Diluting the original medicine means that it is really an essence only of the substance and can be in no way toxic. On the contrary, the medics say there is nothing in it. In my experience they are 100% safe and incredibly effective. It is practically impossible to overdose on a remedy, so please don’t panic if your child eats the packet!!

Ghandi quote about HomeopathyMany Homeopaths believe that coffee and peppermint negate the effectiveness of homeopathy, but having worked with Dr. Ramakrishnan he reassures me that in India people do not adhere to this rule and the homeopathy is still very effective.

So what we do is try to match YOU to a substance from nature. The idea is that this substance has similar qualities to you and therefore will restore your balance. Questions involve not only your symptoms, past medical history, family history, but also your favourite foods, fears, best environments, sleep patterns, dreams etc. By the end of your consultation you will have discovered things about yourself that you have never bothered to ask.