Helen Johnson


I am an osteopath, cranial osteopath, naturopath and homeopath. I believe we are all unique and we all need different treatments in order to rebalance. To me each person is multi faceted and multi layered – with careful questioning and sensing, my aim is to really understand who you are and why you are out of kilter. My belief is that we should try to get to the cause of the illness/ disease. I have treated many conditions over my 32 years of practice, so have dealt with most things. I feel confident to try to treat any ailment having been challenged by all kinds of difficult cases and had success.

globuli-1574436_1920There are many reasons why we get out of balance. Some illness really can be as simple as a food intolerance. My training has taught me to look at a person’s fundamental constitution which enables me to really understand why they have become unwell and what changes need to be made to remedy that. I also look at what are your inherited weaknesses and we have homeopathic remedies that really help this aspect. Our body’s are genius – ill health is our body warning us that we are out of alignment – in our body, mind, spirit and /or soul.