Helen Johnson

muscles-2277447_1920My training in osteopathy means that as well as helping with back ache/ neck ache/ joint problems I can look at the way you use your body .. You’d be amazed how this can be a factor in your health.. The human body is complex but I feel as if I have developed a way of understanding it that makes it much less so.

Another aspect of my work is that I look at what factors in our life may have disturbed the way our body functions. By this I mean traumatic events – grief, physical injury or abuse, emotional shocks, sudden change – job loss, change of environment, childbirth – for baby and mother etc… It seems to me that the human condition is very sensitive to all levels of shock and so often a person’s health deteriorates following this.

So if you come for an initial consultation with me I will ask you to complete a questionnaire which normally tells me your constitutional homeopathic type as well as your inherited weaknesses. You can treat to prevent diseases in your family history from developing. This all gives me huge clues as to why you are unwell and I can usually determine which of your major organs need supporting which we do with dietary changes and homeopathic remedies. I also can test you for allergies and vitamin/ mineral deficiencies and advise you accordingly. If necessary I look at you structurally too and give most people some cranial osteopathy as a way of lining you up physically but also kick starting what we call your vital force.

harmony-1229893_1920All forms of holistic medicine believe that the body has innate intelligence which with the right help will restore your body to health.. This is known as the vital force. Most people who come and see me leave with a much better understanding of their body and mind.